3 Secret Tips to Hide Body Hair

Have you ever forgotten to shave or way your legs one day? Do you have an important meeting or an important person that you want to impress? If you do and you don’t have enough time to shave or wax, then here are some simple but effective tips to hide body hair in an emergency!

When men see body hair especially on women’s legs can be attractively off putting for them. It can be very embarrassing for your colleagues and friends to see body hair on you especially facial hair. Here are some ways to hide them!

1. Wear darker clothing

Darker clothing helps to hide and shade body hair. It does this because the shade makes your overall skin look darker and hence it will help hide the look of any dark hairs on your body.

2. Wear pantyhose or stockings

Pantyhose and stockings are a quick way to hide leg hair from other people. Fortunately, you can buy them everywhere from convenience stores to petrol stations and are cheap to boot. They are also very convenient and you can always have a backup in your handbag in case there is an emergency.

3. Buy dark foundation

Foundation and quickly hide any facial or body hair. They are quick and easy to purchase and to apply! Generally, you should always buy the darkest foundation as possible, because hair tend to stick out more easily if the foundation is of a lighter colour. Darker foundation is always best because it can hide hair much better!

Source by Tito King

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