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Benefits of Bitter Almond Oil for Eyelashes

Bitter almond oil is one of the well-known and multi-purpose essential oils, and it is extracted from the seeds of the almond tree.

Benefits of Bitter Almond Oil for Eyelashes:

Bitter almond oil is one of the natural oils used in the manufacture of many cosmetics; Due to its many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Bitter Almond Oil works to lengthen eyelashes effectively and remarkably while continuing to use it once a day as it activates eyelash growth from its source.
  • Use bitter almond oil daily to get strong and thick eyelashes.
  • Bitter almond oil helps to intensify the volume of the eyelash hairs, in record time, while continuing to apply it once a day, using an old clean mascara brush moistened with bitter almond oil, and brush the eyelashes with the eye closed, so that the oil does not penetrate there.
  • Bitter Almond Oil helps give lashes a wonderful luster and shine, after wiping lashes with it.
  • Bitter almond oil is used to moisturize dry eyelashes.
  • Bitter almond oil can be used to clean the eyelashes from mascara, then wash your eyes with soap and water.

How to use bitter almond oil:

You can simply massage the eyelashes with a cotton ball soaked in bitter almond oil for a few seconds daily. But make sure you don’t get oil in your eyes; Seal them well when applying the oil to the eyelashes. It’s the best way to feel really hydrated lashes.

An easier way to adopt bitter almond oil for eyelashes is to put it in an empty mascara box and comb the eyelashes with the same mascara brush every day before bed. This way you get longer and thicker eyelashes after a period of permanent use.

Eyelash extension tips:

  • It is recommended to massage the eyelids and the eyelash line daily with the fingers, or the use of one of the natural oils, and to repeat this operation twice a day for a few months.
  • It is recommended to cut a small part of the eyelashes, once every two or three months; In order to strengthen it and increase its length.
  • It is very important to clean the eyelashes daily; To remove any dirt or impurities stuck on it, especially leftover makeup that negatively affects eyelash growth.
  • It is recommended to comb the eyelashes using a special brush for this, which activates the movement of blood to them, thereby increasing their growth and making them healthy.

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