Crescent Cake with Cocoa


100 g of cocoa powder
cup of sugar icing
Half a quarter of soft butter
Half a cup of oil
Half a cup of milk
Half a bag of sweet yeast, equivalent to 4 g
Pinch of salt
2 eggs
50g of ground coca
Excellent flour
black and white shapes
jar of honey or apricot jam
Cracked cocoa or roasted coca

The way to prepare

Mix the butter with the sugar, then add the eggs and the rest of the ingredients, then mix with the flour until you get a soft dough
Shape it into croissants and put it in the oven
When we take it out, we dip half of the grains in chocolate and decorate it as in the photos and paint the other half with honey or jam. We cook it a little on the fire and sprinkle it with crunchy cocoa or red cola the image, and at the end we decorate it with lines of dark chocolate or vice versa, for health and comfort

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