Eyelash Extensions vs. Eyelash Growth Serums

The hottest thing on the market right now is eyelash extensions. When I first read about them in a trade magazine last year, I got really excited and started to read up on the procedure, the product and the training. I was sold and ready to be trained in this lucrative business. And then…..

A fellow esthetician described her ordeal with her extensions. Now I know that the majority of people love their extension and go in monthly to have them redone. My suggestion let the buyer beware.

Eyelashes have a very short active growth period, only about 30- 45 days before they mature and fall out, while the hair on your head will grow 2-6 years. This explains why eyelashes are so short. A lost eyelash is not a big deal until there is an extension glued on to the eyelash which makes it a bit more noticeable. Eyelashes with extensions seem to fall out faster the first few weeks, so by the end of the month you need to go back and get them redone.

Extensions can cost anywhere from $350 to $40, and takes about 1 ½ hours to be applied. They take some time to get used to. They may be uncomfortable or sting in the beginning and may cause crusty eyes in the morning. Some unfortunate clients received spikey eyelashes that hurt the whole month. One must be careful removing eye make-up, rubbing eyes, avoiding high heat (saunas) and not to get these extra long lashes in the eye. Ouch

But now coming into the market getting hotter all the time is the eyelash growth serum. Does it work. YES I heard rumors of one of the developers with eyelashes so thick, there wasn’t room on her eyes for more. I had to try it for myself. On one eye I tried one of the more expensive products that ran $160. On the other eye I tried a little known ( in the USA) product from Europe for around $35. I had a before and after picture taken. The results were amazing Both products performed equally as well with very little if any apparent difference. My sparse eyelashes became longer fuller and thicker within 3 weeks. The bottom lashes that were almost non-existent were now long thick and noticeable. There was a difference in a matter of days and these serums work on eyebrows too. The product lasts a long time and there is no obvious fall out as there is with the extensions.

My vote is to go natural with your own long thick lashes using growth serums. They are much more comfortable, they hold up better and longer and most important, they are your own.

Source by Janice Bird

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