Flaxseed yogurt recipe for weight loss

Flax seeds:

Flaxseed is an annual plant grown for its fiber and seeds, and it grows in temperate and tropical regions, and flaxseed oil is used as a substitute for fish oil, and flaxseed has a nutty flavor, and they are used in baking and making cakes, and the stem of the plant is used to make flaxseed. Flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acids which may help prevent and treat atherosclerosis. It can also lower cholesterol and reduce symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as; Psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Flaxseed yogurt recipe for weight loss:

Flaxseed diet and yogurt have remarkable effectiveness in losing weight in an elaborate way because they contain many beneficial nutrients such as vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants that positively affect your weight and slim body. So read up on the flaxseed and yogurt diet and its health benefits.

Benefits of flax seeds and yogurt:

  • Weight loss: Studies have proven that a mixture of flax and yogurt helps reduce excess weight because it ensures a feeling of satiety for a long time and reduces the desire to eat more food.
  • Treat Digestive Disorders: Mixing flax with yogurt is one of the most important treatments for digestive problems, constipation, indigestion and gas because flax contains a high percentage of dietary fiber and yogurt helps to digest food.
  • Strengthening the immune system: Consumption of flaxseed and yogurt with meals strengthens immune cells and reduces the incidence of colon and breast cancer, since flax contains a substance that prevents enlargement of the glands responsible for milk secretion.
  • Lowering Blood Cholesterol: Consuming this blend lowers the production of cholesterol in the liver and protects against heart attacks and strokes.

How to apply the flaxseed and yogurt diet:

  • Flax seeds and yogurt recipe:

Mix a quarter of a kilogram of yogurt with two tablespoons of flax seeds. When the ingredients mix together well, keep them refrigerated until use and consume this mixture in the morning before eating and before going to bed.

  • Flaxseed and nut-cumin yogurt recipe:

Mix about a cup of ground flax seeds with 100 grams of ground walnuts with a teaspoon of ground cumin until the mixture is well blended. Put the ingredients in the three and put a spoonful daily with the salad or with a glass of milk and eat them thoughtfully to lose fat and reduce excess weight


Despite the benefits of flaxseed, nutrition experts recommend against overusing it, as it can cause blockage in the intestines, especially in colon patients, and reduce the absorption of certain substances, due to of its high fiber content. In order to get the most out of its components, it is recommended, before eating it, to grind and break its peels, since they are coated with a thick skin, indigestible and unaffected by the digestive enzymes of the stomach. .

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