How to get rid of bad smell from the mouth

Smell from the mouth is one of the problems which causes distress and embarrassment, due to the alienation of surrounding people who suffer from it, and this problem arises as a result of lack of interest in oral hygiene, or digestive diseases, or eating certain foods like garlic and onions, then the person resorts to finding solutions that help them have fresh breath, and a good smell in the mouth. mouth, and there are ways to help.

Causes of odor from the mouth

Accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.
Some foods get stuck between the teeth.
Sore throat and sinuses.
Oral inflammation and gum disease.
Lack of dental care and cleaning.
Dry mouth, bronchitis.
stomach ache;

How to get rid of bad breath

  • Green and black tea:
    Drinking green and black tea helps get rid of bacteria in the mouth, especially peppermint tea, which is a strong oral antiseptic and an effective remedy for getting rid of bad breath.
  • Thyme:
    Take thirty grams of thyme leaves, boil them in a liter of water for three minutes, then rinse your mouth with it.
    Cinnamon and sodium carbonate:
    Heat a little rose water, add a spoon of sodium carbonate, a spoon of cinnamon and a spoon of cloves to it and stir well, then strain the mixture, put the solution in a bottle and rinse yourself. the mouth with it daily basis.
  • coriander:
    Mix two equal amounts of ground coriander and vegetable sugar and take a teaspoon of powder daily after eating for two weeks.
  • Fennel:
    Boil a spoonful of fennel seeds in a cup of water, let cool, then rinse and gargle with it in your mouth.
  • Juniper plant:
    We boil a little juniper in a little water for a quarter of an hour, then we rinse our mouth and we gargle at the boil, because it cleans the mouth, throat and teeth.
  • Aromatic herbs:
    Aromatic herbs help flavor the mouth by chewing them or adding them to a hot tea.These aromatic herbs are useful for eliminating bad breath: parsley, mint, eucalyptus, rosemary and cardamom.
  • citrus fruits:
    Eating acidic foods like oranges, lemons and kiwis increases the secretion of saliva, which acts as an antiseptic, and keeps the mouth moist, thus reducing the emission of unpleasant odors.
  • vegetables and fruits:
    Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of dietary fiber which cleanses the digestive system, rid it of toxins, and contains antioxidants, making it an effective remedy for eliminating mouth odor.
  • sugars:
    Eating sugars leaves yeast in the mouth, these yeasts lead to mouth odors, so you should reduce the intake of sugars, and be sure to brush your teeth after eating them….

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