How to get rid of hair growing under the skin

Sometimes blackheads can appear on the feet or anywhere else on the skin, and these are not chloasma or blackheads, but rather hairs that have grown under the skin, and this can be detected by them. pulling with forceps and removing the skin. above them, hairs sometimes grow under the skin, causing itching and tingling sensation, but fortunately, this problem can be treated using many methods, including natural herbs.

Causes of hair growth under the skin :

Subcutaneous hair is hair that has grown inward, rather than coming up through the skin, and there are a number of reasons for this, including the following :

  • Dead skin can clog hair follicles, causing hair to grow inward.
  • Shaving with a blade cuts the soft part of the hair, and the hard part during growth can penetrate the skin and the hair grows inward.
  • The problem of hair growth under the skin increases in people who have curly or coarse hair; Because it folds up a lot.
  • People with high levels of certain sex hormones may have more body hair than usual, which can make them more prone to ingrown hairs, especially after shaving.

How to get rid of hair growing under the skin :

Exfoliate regularly :

One of the simple ways to target hair growing under the skin if it is on the face or any area of the body is one of the simple ways to regularly target hair growing under the skin, as it can help get rid of clogged dead skin cells from the hair follicles, using a loofah or rough cloth.

Use a body brush :

If you have stubborn hair on your legs or hands, a body brush can be used to remove stubborn bumps. But with extreme caution if you have sensitive skin.

Use a moisturizer before you shave :

If you shave your hair, it’s essential to use moisturizer before waxing, as dry shaving can cause more hair to grow under your skin.

Never fly in the opposite direction :

Shaving upside down is one of the biggest mistakes people make because it can cause the hairs to curl up inside the skin.

Use tweezers :

Tweezers can be used if facial hair curls and pushes into your skin, placing a cloth soaked in warm water over the area, leaving it for 5 minutes to soften the hairs, then using tweezers. epilate, gently pulling the tips of the hairs away from the skin.

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