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How to prepare a group of creams successfully

Butter cream :
100g of soft butter
200g of fine sugar
Small amount of water or milk
Using a mixer, beat the butter well and gradually add the sugar with the vanilla and a pinch of salt until it takes on a creamy texture.
We use water or milk to lighten the weight of the cream if needed
To note:
You can add any food coloring or a little cocoa for flavor and coloring.

Pastry Cream:
Quarter liter of milk
3 tablespoons of starch
Egg yolk
butter spoon
Grated lemon (optional)
4 tablespoons of sugar (you can sweeten to taste)
The path:
We take two tablespoons of cold milk, mix it with the yolk, starch, sugar, vanilla and lemon zest and beat it with a blender
Meanwhile, add the milk and a little vanilla to heat
Then we start by pouring the milk over the egg and starch mixture, stirring and putting it back on the heat a little until it takes on a thick consistency.
Take it off the heat and add a tablespoon of butter

Chantille cream:
It’s easy because it is sold ready to use
50g shunti powder
Half a cup of very cold water or milk
Mix the ingredients well with the tiles until you get a creamy consistency
You can use fresh cream with a quantity of sugar and beat well with a mixer until it takes on a creamy texture.

Chocolate cream for wrapping cakes:
cup of cold milk
3 tablespoons of good quality dark cocoa
starch spoon
Danette box
4 spoons of sugar
The path:
Mix all the ingredients well with an electric mixer or by hand and put on low heat until it comes together and floats on it.

Lemon or sour cream:
One and a half cups of water
250 g of caster sugar
3 and a half tablespoons of starch
Egg yolk
Large lemon juice
A spoon and a half of softened butter
lemon zest
Add the water and sugar and boil until the sugar is completely dissolved
Add 3 and a half tablespoons of starch (dissolve it in a little cold water) and stir until it boils over low heat, then remove from the heat.
Add the egg yolk and stir quickly
Add the butter, grated lemon juice and stir quickly.

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