How to prepare Moroccan Fekkas with almonds


6 eggs
zalafa sugar
oil slip
A little salt
A cup of milk or rose water milk
2 sachets of candy yeast 16g
Almonds, your choice, and karakas
2 tablespoons of usefulness or sweetness
Zinglan Cup
Wholemeal flour + a cup of white flour about a kilo or more

Half of the ingredients
4 small eggs, less yellow for brushing
One cup of sugar = 150 g
Cup of oil = 200 ml
A little salt
Half a cup of milk or milk and flower water
Sachet of dessert yeast = 8g
Half a cup of ginger
Almonds and karakas, your choice, or you can do without
A useful wall hanging or a sweet pill
Wholemeal flour + cup of white flour about 600 g

The way to prepare

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