Monday , June 6 2022

Magnificent mask to nourish damaged hair


  • Eggs :

Benefits of Eggs for Hair Some may be surprised that conditioning your hair with eggs promotes hair growth because eggs contain a lot of protein. Hair is made of keratin and needs 70% protein, so protein in eggs helps rebuild damaged hair by filling in spots along the entire length of the hair strand, which increases hair strength.

  • Coffee :

Helps to lengthen hair.
Leaves the hair soft.
The hair acquires a beautiful and wonderful shine, which is one of the hair benefits of coffee that I love.
Hair color darkens, especially with frequent and continuous use. If your hair is dark and you like it darker, coffee is a catalyst in this regard. (Temporary)
It is used for dyeing hair, especially those with light hair, and with repeated use you may see an increase in the darkness of the hair color. (With intermediate results).
It helps in treating hair breakage, and maybe this is one of the famous things about it – coffee for brittle hair is very helpful.

  • Olive oil

We mix an egg, a tablespoon of coffee and a teaspoon of olive oil
We put it on the hair for an hour and put a bag, and the smell of eggs will completely disappear due to the smell of coffee, which is repeated once a week.

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