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Natural ways to treat sunburn

The skin suffers a lot of skin damage when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, which leads to the appearance of redness of the skin accompanied by severe pain, and the effects of sunburn may appear due to the neglect to treat it immediately. it is necessary to look for ways to immediately treat skin inflammation due to the sun in the sea, since the delay in the treatment of sunburn leads to peeling of the skin, in addition to causing many complications, and in our next report, we will introduce some natural ways to treat sunburn.

Natural ways to treat sunburn:


Oatmeal face mask is one of the natural face masks that has proven its value and distinction in getting rid of facial redness after direct exposure to harmful sun rays, as its use with raw bee honey helps to calm the skin and to absorb the heat from it, and it can be done by mixing a spoonful of bee honey with oatmeal and applying it to the skin The face, with great attention to the reddened areas, and left on for at least a quarter of an hour, then rinse the face with warm water, and the mask is repeated to achieve impressive results.


The tea is effective in treating burns caused by sunlight; Because it contains tannic acid, which works to draw out latent heat from the skin and restore its pH naturally, so use green tea bags or chamomile tea when placing it on the skin, along with the adding drops of peppermint oil, using a piece of soft cloth, which gives your skin radiance and beauty.

Cold water :

Cold water is used on the face during bathing, or through compresses, to relieve the pain caused by sunburn, and cold water works to calm the redness of the skin, as it greatly helps to rid the skin from its burns, and certain herbs can be added to water to calm the skin’s rash and relieve what ails it. You can also mix cornstarch with water and apply it on the skin of the face after exposure to the hot sun and sea air, as it can calm the redness of the skin, and be sure to drink as much water as possible; To get rid of dry skin associated with sunburn.


Wiping burned skin with yogurt helps relieve sunburn pain. The use of yogurt is ideal for treating facial redness due to the sun, and you can put a quantity of yogurt on the places affected by sunburn to reduce redness; It contains probiotics and the acidity of yogurt helps relieve burning.


Many women resort to adopting mashed cucumbers to treat facial redness due to sun and sea, applying cucumber on the face to absorb heat from the skin and soothe it as much as possible, because cucumber is a vegetable that contains antioxidants.

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