Saturday , June 4 2022

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How to make a body scrub

Body scrubs are physical exfoliants that mechanically remove dead skin cells. The “scrub” texture usually comes from a mixture of sugar or salt suspended in an oil base. While some scrubs (especially those in a DIY kit) contain large particles of salt and sugar, the better ones are made with …

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How to get rid of hair growing under the skin

Sometimes blackheads can appear on the feet or anywhere else on the skin, and these are not chloasma or blackheads, but rather hairs that have grown under the skin, and this can be detected by them. pulling with forceps and removing the skin. above them, hairs sometimes grow under the …

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The benefits and harms of sodium bicarbonate

It is called baking soda, and it is one of the important elements present in any house, and its price is very cheap; Where anyone can buy it, and there are many advantages and some disadvantages, besides that, it has many uses. Benefits of Baking Soda: You can get white …

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