Thursday , August 18 2022

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skin care routine

It can sometimes be difficult to determine the skin type among its many types, there are normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin, and with age the skin type can change, a woman may not keep the same type of skin she had when she was younger, in addition to …

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Some homemade recipes to whiten the sensitive area

Dark and sensitive areas can bother a lot, especially the bride on her wedding night or those wearing short summer suits, but it’s not a permanent condition. Chemicals, in addition to the ease of preparation and application of natural recipes at home. Reasons to darken sensitive areas: Wear tight polyester …

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Natural Recipes to Tighten Body Sagging

Many girls suffer from the problem of body sagging, which is a very common phenomenon, as a result of lack of movement and lack of regular exercise, or rapid weight loss without exercise. Generally It’s always a big crisis for women and they lose self-confidence, today we offer you natural …

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