Sunday , June 5 2022

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White Pulp Health Benefits of White Pulp

The white pulp is the seeds produced from the fruits of the squash or pumpkin, and many people can eat it for entertainment, just like other types of pulp or nuts. Have you ever thought that the pulp you eat while sitting with your family in front of the TV …

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Magic rolls in a simple and quick way to prepare

Ingredients: For the first step:4 cups of flour equivalent to 400 g4 cups of lukewarm water equivalent to 600 mlOne and a half cups of sugar, equivalent to 225 g2 vanillaTwo tablespoons of baker’s yeastFor the second step:6 cups flour equals 6 cups2 eggsOne cup of oil equals 150ml4 tablespoons …

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Health benefits of basil

Basil is nicknamed in Europe royal basil, royal herb or plant of Saint Joseph. Basil has been known for thousands of years, its nutritional value and health benefits have been known for decades. It is an aromatic plant.Italian cuisine and its dishes were renowned for the flavor and aroma of …

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