Sunday , June 12 2022

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The advantages and disadvantages of celery

Celery is a plant in the algae family, a family that includes dill, parsley, carrots, and fennel, and it is one of the important and ancient plants as it was presented to the winners. ancient Greek power play competitions, just like bouquets of flowers are presented today, and celery has …

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The great benefits of carrots

Carrots are considered to be one of the most important types of root vegetable fruits which belong to the genus of carrots and belong to the tentacle family of the plant.Carrots are used in many fields, including the food field, where they are used in the preparation of various food …

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How to prepare a group of creams successfully

Butter cream :100g of soft butter200g of fine sugarvanillaSmall amount of water or milkMethod:Using a mixer, beat the butter well and gradually add the sugar with the vanilla and a pinch of salt until it takes on a creamy texture.We use water or milk to lighten the weight of the …

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