Wednesday , June 8 2022

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Benefits of Bitter Almond Oil for Eyelashes

Bitter almond oil is one of the well-known and multi-purpose essential oils, and it is extracted from the seeds of the almond tree. Benefits of Bitter Almond Oil for Eyelashes: Bitter almond oil is one of the natural oils used in the manufacture of many cosmetics; Due to its many …

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Natural ways to treat sunburn

The skin suffers a lot of skin damage when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, which leads to the appearance of redness of the skin accompanied by severe pain, and the effects of sunburn may appear due to the neglect to treat it immediately. it is necessary …

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Carrot juice recipes for hair care

Carrots are a type of root vegetable that belongs to a plant family called Apiaceae. Carrots contain important nutrients. It has been found that the first types of carrots were eaten around the 10th century in parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. Carrots are a rich source of …

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