The advantages and disadvantages of celery

Celery is a plant in the algae family, a family that includes dill, parsley, carrots, and fennel, and it is one of the important and ancient plants as it was presented to the winners. ancient Greek power play competitions, just like bouquets of flowers are presented today, and celery has great benefits and great nutritional value.
The original home of celery
The original focus of celery is usually in the temperate zone of Asia, then moved to Europe, then to the coasts of the Mediterranean. And there are three types of celery, including Chinese and European, and the sweet style is common in North America.

Nutritional information on celery

Celery contains:
Vitamin C and fiber.
Folic acid, potassium, vitamin B and calcium.
Vegetables contain the most sodium.
It contains plant compounds known as coumarins, which have been shown to be effective in preventing cancer and improving the activity of white blood cells, in addition to lowering blood pressure in the vessels and thus getting rid of migraines.

The health benefits of celery

Celery has long been associated with many diseases as it provides treatment for these diseases in many cases, here are some of the health benefits of celery juice:

  • lower blood pressure
    Celery contains phthalates which help lower blood pressure by helping the muscles around the arteries to relax in addition to widening the blood vessels and allowing blood to flow normally through the vessels.
    Important note
    In order for celery to be effective in getting rid of the problem of high blood pressure, it is better to drink celery juice for a week and stop for three weeks before starting again.
  • To slim down and slim down
    Celery helps burn the highest amount of calories possible because celery is low in calories, as one cup of celery juice has 16 calories, 1.6g of fiber, and 0.17g of fat, on top of that , it is considered to be a natural diuretic and thus helps in getting rid of toxins and excess water from the body.
  • Cancer prevention
    Celery contains more than 8 compounds that help prevent the growth of cancer cells because it has been discovered that there is one compound that stops the growth of cancer cells and another that disrupts the work of the hormone prostaglandin which promotes the growth of cancer cells. growth of cancer cells.
  • for the joints
    Celery is an important food for people with rheumatism, arthritis, and gout because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve swelling and joint pain, in addition to improving kidney function by eliminating toxins and preventing stone formation.
  • For the immune system
    And because celery is rich in vitamin C, it helps prevent colds and reduces the severity of asthma, moreover, vitamin C improves the work of the heart and blood vessels and relieves headaches because it contains coumarin compounds.
    important note
    Celery juice is very useful for the nervous system because it is useful for insomnia because it contains large amounts of magnesium, which brings relaxation and comfort to a person.
  • for the eye
    The celery stalk contains 10% of the daily requirement for vitamin A and a group of nutrients that protect the eye and prevent the atrophy that results from it with age.

Diseases treated with celery

Cough, colds, shortness of breath, hoarseness and asthma.
Arthritis, rheumatism and compress drops.
Fainting drinking boiled celery.
Tonsillitis, canker sores and hoarseness from gargling with boiled celery.
Boils, wounds and cracks in the skin by external treatment with compresses and washing.
Lose weight, lose weight and resist obesity.
Fever and malaria.
Diseases of the stomach and liver.
Itching and scabies.
Urinary incontinence and urinary retention.
Anemia and anemia.
Inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract.
Ovarian problems.
Night blindness.
Tumors of the breast, liver and spleen.
Bee burns and stings.

Compresses: Boil 250 grams of celery in a liter of water for an hour, then immerse the affected part in the lukewarm solution for ten minutes, and repeat this operation 3 times a day.

Eat: It is eaten fresh in salads or cooked in soup

Drink: Drink as juice or boiled

Celery damage

Celery may cause skin fatigue and sensitivity to the sun. It should be used with caution in the following cases:
Pregnancy and breast feeding:
During this time, celery oil and celery seeds are almost dangerous to use.
Eating celery can cause allergy symptoms in people with allergies.
Kidney problems:
If you have kidney problems, you should not use celery as it can cause infections.
surgical operations:
Celery can be combined with other drugs used during and after operations in addition to anesthesia to slow down the nervous system more than necessary, so it is best to cut celery at least two weeks before surgery.

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