Tuesday , June 7 2022

The delicious fish pastilla with simple steps


One kilo of prawns + 600 grams of squid (Kalamar) + one kilo of Merlin fish or any kind of white fish + 2 or 3 leaves of our master Musa + a little thyme 3 cloves of garlic + lemon juice + harisa + soy sauce + (optional fish sauce) + coriander and additional mineral quantity + fish motifs + fish spices + 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric + a teaspoon of black pepper (buckthorn) + a spoonful of harissa (peanut) + a bag of Chinese noodles (500 grams) I have reduced 100 g + oil + butter + canned mushrooms or mushrooms, cut in a box + salt if needed, and scoured cheese to garnish + a half kilo of (pastilla leaf) for the pastilla. If you want briwat and decoration, then a kilo.

the way to prepare

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