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Yogurt and starch recipe for face and neck whitening

A woman needs a recipe for whitening her face and neck the first time, proven and easy. You can rid her of remnants from the sun, a lot of makeup or even negligence, dark spots and bacteria, and give her skin as snow white as soon as possible. A recipe you can count on to quickly whiten the skin in the most restricted moments and the most important occasions such as holidays and weddings.

Recipe for yogurt and starch to whiten the face and neck :

The yogurt and starch recipe is the best recipe to whiten face and neck the first time because it is a proven, easy and very quick recipe. Indeed, it contains vitamin A, which acts to whiten and even out skin tone and rid it of dark spots, and vitamin B, which whitens the face and neck very quickly. It also works to absorb excess sebum from oily skin, preventing the build-up of dead cells and clogging of skin pores. And starch prevents the appearance of blackheads and pimples under the skin because it contains an appropriate amount of zinc.

  • Ingredients :


  • how to prepare:

Mix equal amounts of starch and yogurt in a bowl until you get a creamy texture.
After cleansing your skin, apply the recipe to your face, neck and hands and rub it in in circular motions.
Leave the recipe on your skin for 30 minutes and rinse with clean water.
Use this recipe daily before bed for a week.

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